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UPDATE #2: COVID-19 Health & Safety Precautions

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STELLARTON, NOVA SCOTIA – With the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic, our community has been adjusting our daily tasks almost hourly. We appreciate your patience and understanding throughout these changing times with many unknowns.

Due to the directives laid out by the provincial and federal governments, at this time, we have cancelled/postponed all meetings scheduled for the next two weeks:

Tax Sale - Scheduled for March 24
Committee of the Whole - Scheduled for March 23
Occupational Health and Safety Meeting - Scheduled for March 25
The Planning Advisory Committee - Scheduled for March 25
Heritage Meeting - Scheduled for March 27
Police Commission - Scheduled for April 2 

At this time, we are also enforcing a strict closure of Town Hall to the public – with the exception of emergencies where police action is needed.  If there are questions or concerns regarding an issue that you’re having, please call 902-752-2114 or email  

Please be reminded that the updates made on March 16, 2020, are still in effect:

Stellarton Town Hall is closed to the public.Town Staff is be available to answer calls or emails and provide the best course of action for individuals.
Bill Payments: We are encouraging individuals with the means to do so to make payments online through banking. We will not be accepting in-person payments at this time.
ALL General Inquiries can be made by calling (902)752-2114 8:30 AM- 4:30 PM
After hours: (902)752-6160 

The Stellarton Police Department is accessible to the public for emergencies only by the use of the buzzer system located at the front of the Town Hall. Police will continue to be responding to calls at this time. All members of the public are encouraged to call ahead with their concerns (902-752-6160).
All non-essential police services (such as criminal record checks) will not be provided at this time.

The Stellarton Fire Department is closed to the public.The Fire Department will still be responding to calls as normal.
All bookings for the public have been cancelled for the next two weeks and will be reassessed at that time.

The Community Centre located on Leo Fahey Way is closed.

The Public Works Department is operating as per usual, however, is limiting their exposure to the public.

Public Council Meetings - Committee of the Whole is cancelled at this time.
The Council Meeting scheduled for April 14 is currently still set to proceed, but will be closed to the public and will be accessible via Livestream (Stellarton Council Meeting).  

The Town of Stellarton will continue to post and share updates from the Government of Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia Department of Health & Wellness as they are available. We encourage everyone to be vigilant of the information they are reading and sharing regarding COVID-19. The most accurate and up-to-date information can be found at

Please be conscious of your actions, ask questions, help others if you are able, and wash your hands. If we all take preventative measures to reduce the spread of this highly contagious disease, we’ll have a safer community for all.

For more information:
Susan Higdon
Town Clerk

(902) 752-2114