Stellarton Fire Department

A letter from the Fire Chief:

Chief Mike O'SullivanThe Stellarton Fire Department has had a long history serving the Town of Stellarton since 1890.  

"The Department was formed in 1890 with 36 members, a horse and the manpower to have the steamer and hose reel hauled to the scene of a fire." (A Centennial History of Stellarton - M. Stephen Kirincich page 69).

Back in the day there were two fire departments in the community, one to serve the Lourdes area due to the proximity of the Albion Mines (where Sobeys Head Office is now located on North Foord Street) and the other in the central area of the Town.

The Department has come a long way from its early history to the present, thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Firefighters and Ladies Auxiliary Members (past and present), as well as the excellent support from Town Council and citizens.

For the past 40 plus years, we have been a member of the Pictou County Firefighters Association. Through the Mutual Aid Agreement, we assist neighbouring departments with manpower and equipment, as needed, and vice versa. Under the new Auto Aid Program, departments respond automatically to any serious situations such as structure fires and motor vehicle accidents.

We have been in our current Fire Hall since 1977. Prior to this, the station was located at the back of the current Town Hall building.

Currently we have 30 members, all volunteers.

Practices are held every Thursday evening to help to keep up to date with the latest advances in firefighting.

Equipment-wise we have two pumpers, an equipment truck, rescue truck and trailer, and the pride of the Department, our restored 1946 Dodge.

We are proud to serve our community and strive to keep every citizen as safe as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact myself or any member of the Stellarton Fire Department.

Thank you and stay safe.

Chief Mike O'Sullivan


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Officers:                                                                            Training Officers:
Mike O'Sullivan, Chief                                                       Terry Lee McChesney
Mike Brophy, Deputy Chief                                                Jamie Simpson
Jarret Campbell, First Captain                                          Jarret Campbell
Terry Lee McChesney, Second Captain                            Safety Officers:
James MacKenzie, First Lieutenant                                   Jamie Simpson
Steve Cassidy, Second Lieutenant                                    Paul Sutherland
Paul Sutherland, Treasurer                                               Fire Prevention:
Mark Fortune, Secretary                                                    Mark Fortune
                                                                                           Austin Hughes


Mike O'Sullivan Mike Brophy Jimmy Wright
Mike MacDonald James MacKenzie (Operator) Paul Sutherland (Traffic Control)
Steve Cassidy Robbie Ross Ken Gordon
Tabatha Lane Corey Morris Terry Lee McChesney
Keegan MacKinnon David Field Jarret Campbell
Simon Lawand Robbie Brown Austin Hughes
Jennifer Crossman Casper Pushie Brett Ervin
Jamie Simpson Dave Prindiville Mark Fortune
Jason MacInnis Charles MacLaren (Traffic Control) Shawn Hurley (Operator)
Dave Sobey Lee Caldwell  

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