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STELLARTON, NOVA SCOTIA – During the livestreamed town council meeting on May 11, 2020, the Town of Stellarton approved the budget and will be keeping the tax rate the same for the 2020-2021 fiscal year.

 Additional highlights from this upcoming year’s budget:

1. MFC balloon principal repayment for $189,000. This annual principal repayment was previously $31,000 – an increase of 158,000.
- The original loan was issued in November 2005 for paving and sewer projects totaling $630,000 and equipment for $100,000.
- The 2020-21 budgeted payment will fully repay this debt.

2. A 2% increase in tax revenue impacted most significantly from an increase in commercial assessment.

3. New Marketing and Communications position.

4. $10,000 budgeted to continue the Building Façade Improvement Program.

5. Incorporating a Heritage Plan/Tour within the town.
- This opportunity will allow for sharing the story of Stellarton to both residents and tourists.
- The plan will be intertwined with the Museum of Industry to expand on the history based here in Stellarton.

The detailed Operating & Capital Budgets report can be found here: General Operating Budget

“The Heritage Tour will immerse individuals in the history of our town,” said Mayor Danny MacGillivray. “We’re excited to create an experience that’s unique to Stellarton and showcases where we’ve come from and how we’ve grown. It’ll be a great opportunity for both residents and tourists alike!”

Both council and staff are excited about the opportunities to continue the growth of Stellarton in the upcoming fiscal year!

For more information:
Paige Clarke
Marketing & Communications Coordinator

(902) 752-2114