2020 Municipal Election


Municipal Elections will take place in Nova Scotia on October 17, 2020.

The candidates running for Stellarton Town Council are as follows: 
Mayor                                 Ward 1                                            Ward 2
Danny MacGillivray            Bryan Knight (acclaimed)               Susan Campbell
Darren Stroud                    Simon Lawand (acclaimed)            Garry Pentz
                                                                                                  Brian Linthorne
                                                                                                  Trudy Vince

Returning Officer for the Town of Stellarton is Josephine MacDonald. She can be reached by calling 902-485-2248 or by emailing

For the most accurate and up-to-date information for the upcoming municipal election: www.electionspictoucounty.ca 



The Town of Stellarton has decided that only telephone and electronic votes will be cast for the 2020 fall municipal elections.

Municipal elections in Nova Scotia are scheduled to take place on October 17, 2020. With the uncertainties surrounding COVID-19, the risk of a second wave, and the likelihood that strict restrictions will still be in place, Stellarton councillors voted 3:1 in favour of eliminating paper ballot votes for the 2020 year.

Some concerns were expressed by councillors that citizens may not have the ability to easily vote if they’re required to utilize technology. However, there will be an accessible polling station set up, location to be determined, to help those that may need assistance place a secure and private vote.

The Town would like to emphasize that this decision is strictly for the 2020 election. The health and safety of Stellarton residents is the highest priority. During these challenging times, eliminating in-person paper ballots is the safest way to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 while still holding elections.


Voting for the upcoming Municipal Election will begin on October 5 and will run until October 17, 2020. You will receive your voting information in the mail regarding telephone and internet voting; this information will also give you an individual pin number that will allow you to cast your vote.

A help desk phone number will also be available so election workers can guide you through the process over the telephone. It can be reached from Monday to Saturday (beginning Oct. 5) from 8:30AM to 8:30PM at 1-833-901-1990.

If you're unsure about casting your vote this way, you can visit your appointed kiosk on October 17 where elections workers will be able to assist you in person.

Kiosks will be open only on Saturday, October 17, 2020, from 8:00am-7:00pm. They are only to be used for people needing assistance. If you have your voter's letter, please bring it with you to the kiosk and go to the kiosk that is on your letter only.

Town of Stellarton Kiosk - Sharon St. John United Church
(33 Acadia Ave, Stellarton)
Saturday, October 17


From the Returning Officer: 

Mark the Date

Saturday October 17th, 2020

Municipal elections in Pictou County for Mayor and Council

All voting will be done by internet or telephone

- Must be 18 years of age
- Must be Canadian citizen
- Ordinarily resident in province for 6 months on or before election day
- Ordinarily resident in the municipality on or before election day 

Any time between August 1 and August 28, 2020, an elector may call the returning office to see if their name is on the voters list; If not, they can be added (will require detailed information). 

Anyone who has moved, name change or has turned 18 should contact the returning office.  

Nomination papers can be picked up at the returning office (packages with nomination papers and other info will be available at each town office at a later date) or they can be downloaded from the municipal website: www.electionspictoucounty.ca 

Nominations may be filed by APPOINTMENT ONLY beginning Thursday, August 27 to Friday, September 4

Nomination day is Tuesday September 8, 2020. 

To vote by internet or telephone:
- A letter will be mailed by late September to those electors who are registered on the voters list
- There you will find your pin # along with instructions on how to complete the process
- A help desk will be set up in the returning office to assist with any question an elector might have concerning the process
- Telephone numbers will be available at a later date on election website: www.electionspictoucounty.ca  

Josephine MacDonald 
Returning Officer